GiMeSpace Cam Control Pro 2.1.0

Control your computer with hand movements in front of your webcam. You can simulate mouse movements, mouse clicks, the keyboard cursor keys, or control the GiMeSpace virtual desktop managers. The program might be useful for the people with disabilities and in cases where a computer needs to be controlled from a certain distance. There are 5 gestures:

  • move in the horizontal direction while your hand is vertical.
  • move in the vertical direction while your hand is horizontal.
  • move in the horizontal direction with 2 hands making a ‘zooming’ gesture.
  • left mouse click by moving your left hand in the left upper corner.
  • right mouse click by doing the left click plus moving the right hand in the right upper corner.

While developing this program the most effort was made to minimize the load on your CPU so that it can even run on low powered netbooks and does not affect other programs that much.
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