GClean 2022

Uncomfortable with Google knowing everything about you? This tool is the answer! GClean searches the user’s entire computer for existing Google software, then allows the cessation of all personal data transmission with a single mouse click. The Google Radar feature prevents future information collection attempts, and sounds an alarm when a Google service tries to save a new cookie. GClean offers the capacity to request the removal of a user’s webpages from Google’s search index. There are some things that people don’t want to appear on search results – social media profiles, personal photo albums, etc. – GClean makes that preference heard. The new GClean has been adapted to the latest browser and Google service versions, ensuring optimal performance thereon. – Conceal your computer from Google, inhibit data collection; – Integrated background protection “Google Radar”; – Anonymous surfing with the newest Chrome version; – BrowserCheck checks whether something has changed in settings; – Supports the new Microsoft Edge.
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