GBCEmulator (Game Boy Color emulator)

Rating: 2.6/5

GBCEmulator is a modern GB/GBC emulator built using the open-source, cross-platform library of the same name (

– Clean touch-screen controls with custom placement and custom sizing using an interactive grid
– Pixel perfect upscaling for an HD experience
– V-sync
– 44.1 kHz high quality audio
– Automatic gamesave write out on game session exit via double tapping the Android back button
– Automatic controller detection and usage
– Automatic .gb/.gbc/.zip game detection
– On-demand GBC palette mode for GB games support
– High resolution box artwork fetching and displaying
– Other selectable box artwork available by long pressing the boxart
– 8 additional GB/GBC colored backgrounds to choose from!

Note: Games are not included and some games may not run. Future updates may allow more game compatibility and increase emulation accuracy.
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