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This app is a simple, handy and smart photo gallery to help you organize and manage photos and videos. With the help of the light and smart gallery, you can view images, edit photos and create photo galleries, use password to protect/hide photos, recover deleted photos.

Supports viewing JPEG, GIF, PNG, SVG, Panoramic, MP4, MKV, RAW, etc, photo and video files are supported within this app.

– Easy to organize your photo gallery
– Automatically display your photos by time, and categorize your albums
– HD viewer for photos and videos
– Rotate and zoom photo
– Hide photos and videos by adding to the private space
– Photo slide show and customize the interval time
– Move and copy photos and videos
– Share photos to social network
– Show photo details info
– Rename, delete, add to Favorites
– Recover deleted photos and videos
– Quickly search photos, pictures and videos
– No internet access needed. 100% private

– Automatically classify and display albums´╝łcamera, All photos, Videos, Favorites, Screenshots etc)
– Create an album to further categorize your photos
– Fast to share, move and copy to the album
– Set your favorite photo as wallpaper or lock screen
– Photo slideshow
– Zoom photos to see details

– Quick view by year, location
– Review your memories by your gallery times
– Keep all your memories in one place
– Keep your albums automatically up to date
Smart albums tell better stories, automatically get a new album

– Select photos and videos to hide in the gallery or any other apps
– Set PIN code to start encrypting and enter email for retrieving the password
– Decrypt at any time

– crop, rotate, resize picture
– Adjust (Contrast, Lightness, Saturation, Shadows, Exposure, Hue)
– Add filters
– Draw / mosaic

Quickly Find Your Favorite Moments
Difficult to find the photo you need in a bunch of photos? Gallery supports to sort by multiple types, filter and search photos, which helps you quickly find the specific one you want.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos
Accidentally deleted precious photos or videos? Don’t worry, you can quickly recover them from the recycle bin. Gallery auto saves deleted files in the recycle bin, which helps you easily find all deleted photos and videos back.

Private Photo Vault
Want a gallery video lock to manage your gallery photo album? This gallery photo album is not only a simple gallery, but also a gallery vault app to help protect your photos. Free download this gallery photo lock to keep your files safe with this gallery vault app. It’s the safest place for sensitive files. Now you can share your phone without worrying about any privacy problems.

Photo manager
Want a photo manager to organize your photos and videos? Come and try this one! Gallery is the best photo manager for you.

Photo gallery
Want a gallery photo album to organize your album? The Photo Gallery app is handy with many useful features. Free download this Gallery and keep photos organized!
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