Rating: 4.4/5

Anyone who knows how to play chess has almost certainly heard of Fritz. In its early years Fritz was small enough to install on your PC from a “”floppy disk” (something today’s youngest players have probably never even heard of!). In 1995, Fritz won the Computer Chess World Championship, and soon made its way around the world on CD ROMs. The latest version, Fritz 15, is among the strongest multi-core engines in the world.

Now you can play Fritz on your mobile devices!

Chess is meant to be fun – and that’s why the Fritz App has several different playing modes. On the “Amateur” level, you can beat him comfortably. On level “Club Player”, you get realistic games where Fritz will actively allow tactic combinations. Switch him to “Master” and it will become tough. Fritz will know every opening variation ever played in master games. But you still have your chances: The innovative “Assisted Play” function will give you subtle hints and protect you from simple blunders.
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