Fortress Defense

With Fortress Defense strategy game, you will Experience Great Challenges that are going to be Thrilling And Amazing, as you face Enemies and Prepare Defenses, find your Weak poins and Fixing them before the Enemy Destroy the Castle, with Fortress Defense you can increase the game speed to Kick it up a notch and Have an Amazing Game Experience, The Battle is going to be Amazing, Raise your Flag Above And Conquer your Enemies with FORTRESS DEFENSE. How to Play FORTRESS DEFENSE ? Archers are going to be your main soldiers and heroes in the Battlefield to defend your realm and tower, as you meet more Enemies your Fortress is going to need more Defense, that is why you can upgrade your Archers to more Powerful Archers and you can also upgrade their Weapons with either poisonous Arrows or Sharper Arrows Use The Forces of Nature : With more Enemies that wants to destroy your Fortress, It is sometimes necessary to use The Awesome And powerful Forces of Nature, Either by Hitting the enemies with Lightning, Freezing Them or even throwing Rocks at them, Because No matter what, You need to Defend Your Castle using everything you can. Buy more Weapons and Defenses : Of course, Your Fortress’s Defense will Eventually run out, and you will need to Get more Poison, Defense, and Equipements, That you can Easily find in the Shop at the bottom right, Each Equipement is at a Cost and You will have Plenty of chances to gather Coins, And don’t Forget to Well manage your Defenses, your Fortress will need to be Defended all times from coming Enemies. FORTRESS DEFENSE Game Features: – Hundreds of Battles to play. – Multiple Maps. – strategy game. – Stunning graphics and game effects – Amazing In game music to the Experience even more Better Thrilling and Fun. – Smooth game play and responsive design – Upgrade Your Defenses – Increase the game speed for a more Thrilling Experience.
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