Folder Marker Home 4.6

In the ordinary world, we’re using markers, highlighting important documents, or laying them out in folders of different colors. This allows us to be organized and quickly find the information we need. Why don’t we bring the same approach to our computer files world? This is exactly what today’s deal software is doing. This folder colorizer tool lets you add colors and/or images to Windows’ folder icons. Seems trivial, right? Yet once you start using it, you’ll wonder why Microsoft never bothered to incorporate such capabilities into Windows. It’s awesome. Once you have installed Folder Marker, right-click the folder you want to customize. Go to “Mark Folder” item there, and click the icon you like. That is it! Key features: * Can change a folder’s color. For this purpose, you have 36 icons of normal, dark, and light colors. * Has 50 image-coded icons build-in to indicate priority, degree of work complete, work status, and the type of information contained in a folder. * Allows to sort & filter folders in Windows Explorer by assigned color- or image label. * You can customize the ‘Mark Folder’ menu for your needs. * Contains a User Icons tab where you can add an unlimited quantity of icons, downloaded from the Internet. * Can make customized folders distributable (portable). P.S. Please note that this is NOT the latest version of the software. Free updates are not included in the giveaway license, so please ignore the request for an update. P.P.S. For those, who used a previous version of Folder Marker, here is info on what’s new in this update. SPECIAL OFFER FOR GAOTD: Get the advanced Pro version of Folder Marker, FileMarker.NET, or any additional icon set with up to a 50% discount. This offer is valid TODAY only. So you have the ability to test the Giveaway edition and upgrade it to the latest most functional paid version with a huge discount. This gives you the right to use Folder Marker in your office. Click here to see what you can get with 50%-off today!
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