Flying Tobacco Eggs

Welcome to the exciting world of “Flying Tobacco Eggs” – an exciting arcade game with pixel graphics and addictive gameplay! In this exciting adventure, you take on the role of a little chick, striving to collect as many valuable eggs as possible and safely deliver them to a cozy nest. “Flying Tobacco Eggs” – presents a sub chick flight simulator with a side view. Overcome the difficulties of landing using all your skills. The nest becomes your ultimate hiding place, but getting into it is not so easy. Experience the difficulties of an accurate landing in conditions where the speed and angles of the dive can become your allies or enemies. Masterfully control the chick in flight to find the optimal angle and moment for landing. Not only high speed, but also accuracy will be a key element of success here. Game Features: – 30 levels with increasing difficulty  – Old-school gameplay  – Pixel art graphics
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