FlowState Sleep Mediate Relax

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All you want for mediation is the right environment and the right wisdom to guide you in your journey. A travel to inwards should not come from expensive applications , hard-wares or course. It’s a journey you have to take.

FlowState helps you to create the right environment to meditate with ambient sounds.
Find the perfect environment for your journey within..

1. Rain
2. Thunder Storm
3. Forest
4. Wind
5. Water Drop
6. Fire
7. Birds
8. Beach
9. Waterfall
10. Wind Chimes
11. 432hz Bi Neural
12. 528hz Bi Neural
13. Pink Noise
14. Brown Noise

3 Modes Available :

1. Relax
2. Mediation
3. Productivity

We Guarantee FULL REFUND within 10 days of Installation if you did not like the App.

Write to us about all the sounds you want.
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