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FileStream Take-1 Recorder lets you easily create tutorials and How-To videos or capture anything that you see (and hear) from your screen with one click. Take-1 Recorder lets you capture an entire Webpage and save it as an image. Take-1 captures the full page, on screen and off screen. Take-1 also lets you capture windows by captions – including those hidden or partially visible, from your screen with one click. It comes with built-in on-screen markup tools.

Top features:

  • Video Recording. With Take-1 Recorder, you can record how to use buttons, menus, icons, or any parts of your screen to illustrate the steps in the tutorial that you want the users to follow. You have the options to include sound from microphone, speakers, or both.
  • Image Capture. Take-1 Recorder supports single and dual monitors with ability to capture extended screen. The precision-engineered screen capture is designed to take snapshots of any portion of the computer screen visible or not visible.
  • Screen Markup Tools. With the ScreenDraw Tool, you can draw all kinds of lines, arrows, frames, highlights, circles, add markings, or write text on the screen to emphasize or clarify the text or diagrams to make your interpretation or demonstration clearer.

How to get the FileStream Take-1 Recorder for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Download FileStream Take-1 Recorder now.