Files Inspector Prо 1.40

There are many tools to automatically clean your PC, but none of them can free up significant volumes of disk space. This is mainly due to the fact that quite small pieces of information are removed from the system, which will reappear over time. However, there is a method of manual cleaning, which frees up much more space for a long time. Files Inspector Pro works with your files and folders, rather than system files. It allows you to see what info occupies the media in your PC: photos, documents, movies, music, and more. You can view all these and delete the unwanted files, if necessary. Files Inspector Pro is easy to work with. After starting the app, you will see the main sections “Images”, “Downloads”, “Apps and Games”, “Music”, etc. The utility analyzes their contents and displays the space occupied by partitions in the form of diagrams. Capabilities

  • Express analysis of user files
  • Advanced analyzer
  • Deletion of unneeded data
  • Deleting unneeded files and folders
  • Removing unneeded applications
  • Safety
  • PRO Compressing photos without the loss of their quality
  • NB: Lifetime license, no updates.
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