Extrandium is an indie first-person horror game with a bit of survival. Be very careful, pay attention to details and expect everything from this game. Immerse yourself in the most intricate story and try to solve all the problems that stand in your way. Briefly about the plot: You are the heir to a house that has been in your family for generations. This is a beautiful ancestral property, full of history and secrets, and you have always dreamed of exploring its secrets and mysteries. However, while you were growing up, the house was inaccessible to you, as it was under care and needed a lot of repairs. Having matured, one summer day you decided to go to this house. You have always been attracted by its grandeur and mystery. You took your car and headed towards the house, the thirst for exploration was already impossible to suppress. Halfway to the house, an idea came to your mind – to try to shorten the path in order to get to the family estate faster. You have decided to turn in the direction you thought would lead you to your destination faster. Thus, you ended up in the oncoming lane, and the car rushing in your direction was unable to avoid a collision. You end up in a serious car accident. Despite the fact that you are the heir of the house and should have been in it now, you had to postpone your adventure. Your condition after the accident required immediate recovery and medical attention. In the end, you remember what your grandfather told you and you dream about the situation when you have already arrived at the place. Management: WASD – movement E – action LMB – use. RMB – back. Numbers 1-5 – inventory.
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