*EXPIRED* DynGa Plus – dynamic gain audio player

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– Turn up the volume!
– I can’t, it’s maximum!
– Yes you can, with DynGa Plus! (*for weak audio. Already-loud audio will remain the same level)

Dynamic Volume Boost (Gain) is especially useful when the original audio file was recorded at low level and hard to hear with a normal player.

– dynamic gain – weak sounds get amplified, loud sounds remain the same level.
– audio formats: mp3, m4a, midi, wav (no wma, sorry)
– adjustable gain, dynamic / constant, max. 60dB
– simple old-school UI
– play file / play directory (folder with multiple files)
– play in the background with screen OFF
– seekbar, rewind and forward buttons +/-1 min, +/-10 sec.
– real-time audio processing, no messing with the system volume

Loud sound and / or prolonged exposure to loud sound can cause permanent damage to your ears, headphones and / or device speaker. Set your device audio volume to a safe level that is not too loud. In the app settings there are two options: dynamic gain and constant gain. If you choose constant gain and hear distorted sound, make sure to reduce the amplification level (dB) using the slider. When using headphones, you may be unable to notice surrounding sounds. Make sure this app does not distract you from important sounds around you.
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