English Riddles Guessing Game PRO

Rating: 4.1/5

English Riddles Guessing Game is a must game for all the fans of English Riddles and guessing games!

Our game contains the best English riddles and a highscores gameplay, so you can challenge people from all around the world in guessing the riddles to see who is the best!

The game is relaxing with no time limit.

How to play:

✓ Try to solve the riddle shown on the screen! There are 20 rounds in each game. In each round you can make 2 mistakes and you have one hint available. To use the hint just tap on a missing letter of your choice! More games you play, better overall score you get! Complete all rounds to get extra score!


✓ Relaxing guessing games about English Riddles
✓ Global leaderboards included – compare your score with other people
✓ Contains best English riddles
✓ Learn new riddles in an entertaining and challenging way
✓ Share riddles with your friend via email, sms, facebook and other options
✓ All the riddles are hand picked and are family friendly
✓ Submit and share your points

Have fun with our guessing game and if you like the game and want to support it, please rate it. Thank you!

Support links:

✓ Email: [email protected]
✓ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay
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