English Poetry Pro

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Discover the world of English poetry right at your fingertips with the “English Poetry and Poems” app. This comprehensive application offers an extensive collection of over 44,000 poems from 600 renowned authors. Navigate effortlessly through the vast library, thanks to a user-friendly pagination system. Enjoy features like the ability to copy, share, and favorite poems. Plus, the app works completely offline, so poetry is accessible anytime, anywhere.


Extensive Poetry Collection
Over 44,000 poems from classic to contemporary
Contributions from 600 esteemed authors
User-Friendly Navigation
Easy-to-use pagination system for smooth browsing
Personalization Options
Mark poems as favorites for quick access
Copy and share poems with friends and family

Dark Mode
Switch to dark mode for a comfortable reading experience in low-light conditions

Offline Access
The app works entirely offline, making it perfect for on-the-go reading
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