Emoji Match: A sliding puzzle

Rating: 4.7/5

“Emoji Match: A sliding puzzle” is a simple and addictive sliding puzzle game and it contains hundreds of tricky puzzles to challenge your brain!

About Game:
This game contains two game modes basic and expert and each mode contains three puzzle boards (4×4 to 6×6) with hundreds of puzzles. The basic mode contains single colored emojis (up to 3 emojis) and the expert mode contains multi colored emojis (upto 3 emojis).

Main Goal:
The main goal is to put all the emojis to their homes within given number of moves. Swipe (left, right, up, down) on the screen to move the emojis. The blocks or hurdles on the board will prevent emojis to move further in the swiped direction. Every emoji move is synchronized e.g if you swipe left and there are three emojis on the board every emoji will move left to the last movable cell. In expert mode you must put every emoji to its matching color home.

Instant Fun:
Playing this puzzle game is quick and instant fun.

Brain Challenger:
This game is a real brain challenger as it contains hundreds of tricky and challenging puzzles that you must solve within given number of moves.

Completely Offline Game:
Other than watching rewarded videos no internet is required. All puzzles are completely offline.

Main Features:
* Hundreds of puzzles.
* Hints are available to guide you.
* Undo moves.
* Get more hints after solving every 10th puzzle.
* Get instant hint by watching rewarded video.
* Two game modes. (Basic and expert).
* Basic mode contains 4×4 to 6×6 puzzle board with up to 3 emojis (single colored emojis)
* Expert mode contains 4×4 to 6×6 puzzle board with up to 3 emojis (multi colored emojis)
* Contains in app purchases which you can use to unlock all the puzzle boards without solving previous puzzle boards.
* Beautiful, Simple and easy to master user interface.
* Multiple themes available.
* Relaxing sound effects.
* No time limit.
* Small size.
* Enjoy the game on phones and tablets.

Download now and show your friends how genius you are. Have fun:-)

“Emoji Match: A sliding puzzle” contains rewarded video ads.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to flaticons ( https://www.flaticon.com/) for their beautiful free icons. all rights are reserved to their respective owners. Licence link is below:

You can contact us for your feedback and suggestions at: [email protected]
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