dto Trace

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DTO Trace makes easy the stressful art of locating important stuff. Just like playing hide and seek you can now use your phone to locate stuff, pets, your car and even your friends and loved ones.

DTO Trace is a family of innovative trackers that concentrates on the job at hand without the unnecessary and tedious constant tracking that drains both the battery of the device and your phone. Our devices work faster and claim one of the best battery efficiency in the industry. We keep adding new features to make the process of finding even less stressful and even more fun,

The rest is up to you:

– Have as much DTO Trace devices as you wish in one account in one mobile app.
– Personalize your DTO Trace devices by choosing a name and color for each one of them.
– Assign and transfer devices to other people.
– Customize the device functions through web or the mobile application
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