Drum Journey

Drum Journey for Iphone. You’ve found Drum Journey, the first app for shamanic journeying. Shamanic journeying, as you probably already know, is a kind of insight meditation.  It’s a spiritual practice that combines visualization with acoustic accompaniment, usually fast drumming or rattling. Drum Journey works like a timer; dial in the journey duration, set your options, and tap Start.  Included in the app are several professionally-produced drum and rattle tracks, and you can also import your own from iTunes. Features: – flexible journey duration, from 5 minutes to an hour – choice of drumming styles (single, double, or with rattle) – adjustable tempo (slow, normal, and fast) – adjustable instrument volumes – high quality drumming tracks – works with AirPort Express and AppleTV (via AirPlay) – Optimized graphics for iPhone Retina screens – light up the globe; share your location with other Drum Journey users For centuries, shamans have used journeying to gain insight and clarity. I was inspired to create this app while participating in the three year program of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Note: This app does not teach shamanic journey practices. Visit the Mindful Bear website for links to shamanic educators, books, and practitioners.
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