Different World

Shoot ’em up game Other worlds. Control a spaceship destroying alien opponents. By destroying opponents, the player receives points that can be used to improve the ship. After the destruction of a certain number of opponents, a stage begins in which you need to destroy the boss. Game in the style of Space Invaders. Peculiarities: 1. The game has 41 main and 4 bonus levels 2. Pumping the ship between levels 3. Bosses 4. Bonuses temporarily improving the characteristics of the ship during the passage of the level 5. Colorful particle effects 6. Various levels and opponents 7. During the passage, a variety of music is played that sets the player up for victory How to play: Management is done using the touch screen of the android device or keyboard and mouse, A and D keys or arrows. To blow up opponents with a mine, you need to left-click on the screen or on the android device with your finger anywhere on the screen, after a while the mine will explode.
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