Daily Journal 5.7

Daily Journal is a handy diary application that enables you to lock your account with a password, preventing others from accessing your private data. You can use it to write your memories, as well as save important appointments. The main window includes a calendar that can be used to navigate between entries, and the built-in search function can make this task even easier. The program has a wide variety of themes and lets you choose between any of the fonts installed on your system, as well as change text size and style. Multiple user accounts can be created, and it is not possible to view the stored information without first providing the right password. Additionally, the application allows you to create encrypted backups, so you can always restore your data if necessary. Daily Journal is an offline diary software, you are the only controller of your private data. No diary information is sent to internet in any case. Key Features: * Built-in support for 400+ TLDs * User editable whois server list * Proxy server (SOCKS) connection * Domains from Word-list * Internationalized domain names (IDN) * Emoji domain names * Domains by Char * Domains by Formula * Domains for all TLDs * Domain Wizard * Cross-Mix Words * Can handle up to 100 million rows
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