Creepy Dolls

Creepy Dolls is a puzzle game on the theme of creepy dolls, consisting of 35 fragments and 12 game levels. The game has a preview of the picture before the game, you can see how the final image should look, after which it will disappear (5 seconds). In the game, you need to swap tiles in order to make a complete image, as all the fragments will stand correctly, then you will receive a notification that the game is over, and after 5 seconds you will move to a new level. In this version, there is no transition to a new level if you have not completed the current level. The game includes one hint with which it is easy to start the game, the lower right fragment is marked with the “GameREA” logo. it will also not work to start the game from any level. When you pass the level, the password of this level will be written at the bottom of the panel, from which you can start the game if you enter it on the passwords tab, which is located in the menu. The game is colorful and I hope that you will like this format. Good luck to everyone in the game.
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