The crazy doctor was doing experiments on animals and at some point, everything got out of control. The freed mutants crave revenge and blood. If they are not stopped, they will kill not only the doctor, but also everyone who gets in their way. Mutants are very dangerous and have incredible power, with one blow they are capable of concussion and disorientation. But fortunately, the dock has not only instruments, but also a weapon with which he will have to stop his former wards. CrazyDoc is a side-scrolling arena shooter. There are many mechanics in the arena: speed bonuses, increased jump radius and a variety of weapons, camera flip when taking damage, unexpected exploding surprises from dying enemies. At the end, the final boss awaits you, the very embodiment of evil and hatred of the doctor. Collecting the will into a fist and trying hard, you will destroy all the monsters on your way. Game features: – Hardcore – Pixel-Art – Variety of opponents – Boss fight
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