Crazy Food

 In this game you will collect puzzles to create beautiful and mouth-watering images of various types of food.  The game consists of 16 levels, each of which is a 45-piece puzzle. Your task is to arrange all the fragments correctly to create a complete image and move on to the next level. You can select any level from the “level selection” and start playing from it. At the beginning of each level, a hint of the original image will be shown on the screen for a few seconds. If you find it difficult to remember or understand a hint, you can always recall it by clicking on the button with a question mark. If the level is difficult enough and you want to move on to the next one, click on the arrow button and the game will automatically switch you to the next level, even if the previous level is not completed. When all the fragments are correctly positioned on the level, a completion message will appear, and after a few seconds the game will automatically move to the next level. Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of food, collect puzzles and enjoy your wonderful creations!
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