Chuckie Egg 2017 HD

Rating: 4.2/5

Join Harry, the intrepid explorer, as he searches for and collects hundreds of golden eggs spread across over thirty levels plus some hidden extras.

Your fingers will be tapping as you guide Harry from level to level, grabbing every last egg along the way (and maybe munching some bird seed too!).

But, watch out! Bertha — the naughty bird and Harry’s arch enemy — is not going to stop until she’s put an end to his egg-hunting antics! Her dopey ostriches wandering each level may be slow, but if Harry gets cornered, it could be Game Over!

Inspired by the 1983 game of the same name, Chuckie Egg 2017 HD is a thoroughly modern take on retro-style platform action, with vibrant art, modern controls, and music that will have you humming away while you play.

It’s going to be an egg-splosive adventure, so get your fast fingers at the ready!

Hatch a plan to beat the game and don’t get too hard boiled or you may end up being scrambled!

Why buy Chuckie Egg 2017 HD?

– 25 main game levels plus 2 hidden extras
– Included “Mountain Madness” add-on with 6 new levels, new art, music and more
– Tutorial level to help you practice and learn the controls
– Normal and Hard difficulty modes
– Auto-complete option allows you to play any level in any order
– High definition art is ideal for the latest devices such as Pixel 2/3
– Eight different stereo music tracks
– Nine Game Center Achievements
– No Ads, no IAPs, and no ad tracking!

Not sure if you want to buy? Try out our new special edition Android only game, Chuckie Egg 2017: Let’s Play. It’s totally free!

Like Chuckie Egg 2017 on mobile, but prefer keyboards or controllers? Try the PC and Mac version, available on Steam!
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