Christian TV – for Google TV

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Experience the Joy of Christian Television on Your TV!

Our beloved Android app, serving users since 2014, is now available for Google TV! Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey with access to 47 Christian television channels right at your fingertips.

Use our intuitive TV Browse feature to effortlessly surf through channels or to find the show that resonates with your faith. Designed with a user-friendly interface, our app is free from ads, ensuring an uninterrupted spiritual experience.

May our app be a source of blessings and inspiration for your home. We encourage you to share this enriching experience with your family and friends. Enjoy the divine connection!

Channel lineup:
SUM TV – Secrets Unsealed
SUM TV Latino – Secrets Unsealed
It Is Written TV
Moments of Peace TV
Apocalypse Channel TV
Blue Mountain Television
3ABN – Three Angels Broadcasting Network
3ABN Latino
3ABN Proclaim
3ABN Dare to Dream
3ABN Kids
3ABN Russia
3ABN Francais
3ABN International
Amazing Discoveries TV (ADTV)
Red ADvenir
Firstlight TV
Terceiro Anjo
Light Channel Germany
Light Channel Czech
Light Channel Hungary
Light Channel Bulgaria
Light Channel italy
TV Famille
LLBN – His Word
LLBN – Latino
LLBN – His Light
LLBN – Smart Life Style Television
LLBN – South Asia
LLBN – Chinese
LLBN – Arabic
LLBN – Korean
LLBN – Romanian
Amazing Facts TV (AFTV)
Good News TV
Good News TV Latino
Logos TV
Logos TV Kids
Logos TV Estudio
Logos TV Salud
Better Life TV
Better health TV
Vida Mejor TV
Nature Channel TV
Quo Vadis
HomeBase TV
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