Cemetery Warrior V

The sequel to the crazy shooter Cemetery Warrior. The ruler of hell was defeated, but the astral worlds do not recognize the new king – Zexus. Powerful masters of the worlds challenge the demon and are going to destroy him with the help of hordes of their minions. Immerse yourself in insane 3D first-person action again as Demon Zexus. The new part has acquired many innovations: Improved graphics; New bosses; Special attacks; Special secret places filled with treasure chests and diamonds; And most importantly, the development of demonic skills that you will improve as you progress through the game. Your demon is capable of many things: instantly move through the level; Emit a demonic roar, paralyzing enemies; Super attack literally knocks enemies into the ground, instantly destroying them. There are also a number of passive skills that will help you survive. Combine firepower with Zexus’ demonic abilities to blast your way through hordes of enemies and slay giant bosses. Several hours of hurricane gameplay under explosive heavy metal and 3 difficulty levels for any type of player. And, yes, brother – don’t forget about Headshots!
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