Braumeister Tycoon

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Game description:

“Der Braumeister Tycoon” is a mixture of time management, economic simulation and RPG elements, with an open game world.

You take over a brewery from your aunt. You’re still completely new to the field, but soon you’ll be growing hops and barley yourself. Take care of the chickens in your farm and most importantly brew beer.

Once the beer is brewed. Start selling and finding customers. Offer samples of your beer to your customers. They’ll love it!

Soon you’ll accumulate your first achievements that will allow you to take part in social life.

Besides the hard work as a brewmaster, you can also try your luck at blackjack or roulette in the casino. Visit the arcade, the fitness center or the dog track if you need a break from everyday brewing. Open an account at the local bank so you can use the ATMs around town.

Because not everyone is kind to you. Constantly on the lookout for thieves and rats, you finally buy yourself an apartment where you can keep your money safe in a safe.

Yes, you will manage it, and your own brewery tavern and everything that goes with it reopen a hotel and hold profitable folk festivals?

Your skill in trading stocks can also help you.

Will you be able to survive against 4 competitors? In the end, only a true master brewer can afford the magnificent villa in which he can do all his business in one compact place.

Are you worthy of the title of master brewer?

Find out! Maybe there’s a good businessman in you and you’ll even break the magic million mark.

“Der Braumeister Tycoon” contains no ads, no in-app purchases and can be played offline!


– Manufacturing process
(bottling line, malting, drying, packaging line, empties cleaning)

– Hop and barley cultivation

– Stock trading

– Secret society membership possible
(allows you to sabotage your competitors and manipulate various stock prices)

– Seasons

– Weather

– Day and night change

– Dynamic light

– Banking system

– Time system

– Open game world

– 3 levels of difficulty

– 4 different mission types

– over 20 accessible buildings
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