Bigfoot Quest

Rating: 4.5/5

Embark on an adventure of your life to explore the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of the famous Snowman for its elusiveness. Many books have been written, a lot of vague photos have been taken – but has anyone really found the Snowman? Discover the beautiful landscapes, FIND the clues and solve the puzzles along the way of this point-and-click action-adventure puzzle game. Your uncle Henry has set up camp in the more often woods in the Pacific Northwest in search of the mysterious Snowman. He asks you to help, because he approached the detection of the Snowman’s lair. Will you find the Bigfoot? Your uncle Henry was widely known for his discoveries of lost treasures from very ancient times. His legendary tales of adventure excited your imagination in early childhood. Now that you have acquired archaeological skills, he occasionally asks for your help in finding these inaccessible treasures. In this exciting adventure game there are: – Specially designed beautiful HD graphics! – Custom composite soundtrack and sound effects! – Built-in hint system when you hit a dead end – A dynamic map to show the screens you have visited and the current location – A camera that takes snapshots of evidence and characters when you discover them – Dozens of puzzles, clues and items – Auto save success – Available for phones and tablets! Visit our website to subscribe to the newsletter and learn about upcoming games!
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