Battleground Fantasy

Hello everyone! Recently I tried to make my first game. Battleground Fantasy is a fantasy collectible card game. You can choose your hero from four fractions and fight against other champs. Each hero has a fraction start deck, but he can edit it or create new from his cards.  Heroes can unlock unavaible cards and get them from chests which hero buy by gold or win in the battles.  In the battles heroes use cards from their active deck and use unique ability. The winner of the battle is hero who dropped enemy health to zero. I think you know the rules if you’ve played in ccg:) But in BF heroes have three types of resources which they gain every turn and spent to use cards of concrete type of resource. Also cards can be melee or ranged type and deal damage to different enemy units. Plan your battle and situate your cards in battlefields wisely. Remember intelligence for generals, strength for warriors:) And what we have: 12 heroes, 3 classes and 4 fractions (and neutrals)3 types of resourceMelee and Ranged cards12 unique hero abilitiesmore than 140 cards more than 60 unique cards abilitiesI want to make more content and what I plan: Story modeUsing spellbook and itemsLeveling system with talentsOnline campaignI want to see your opinion and offers to make my first game better for you:)
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