AVG Internet Security 2013 : Free 6 months license Key Giveaway – Only for Poland IP

AVG Internet Security 2013 is a trusted name in Antivirus with features to block malware threats, stop opening unsafe links, prevents spying and data theft, accelerate web experience etc. You can get full feature list on product page.

How to get a free version of AVG Internet Security 2013 ?

1. Go to Giveaway page : https://blog.avg.pl/pcformat/

If you are an user from Poland and but outside Poland you can use a Poland Proxy

2. Go to Giveaway page and enter your name and email address

3. You will receive an email in your inbox.

4. Click on Proszę tutaj kliknąć, aby potwierdzić subskrypcję to confirm your registration.

5. Now you will get another mail with serial key which will be mostly

6. Now use any of these English installer if you need an English version.

32 bit  64 bit

7. Please note that while installation AVG tries to install a browser toolbar and change search to AVG search. Just unclick those options while installing.