Aurora Blu-ray Player 2.11.6 – Unlimited Giveaway

Aurora Blu-ray Player 2.11.6 – Free Giveaway


Aurora Blu-ray Player is the best and most powerful media player for Mac in the world. It can support Mac systems perfectly, especially the lion system. As a universal media player, Aurora Blu-ray Player can not only play Blu-ray HD movies on Mac, but also support any formats of movie, video, audio, music and photo you have ever seen, including ISO format. You are able to add subtitles to movie or video, and share the movie’s information or your review with your best friends. Furthermore, it is easy to navigate with user-friendly interface and beautiful layout.

How to get the  Aurora Blu-ray Player 2.11.6 for free ?

1. Go to the promo page here

2. Click Download  Now.

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