Asterisk – 2FA Authenticator

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Asterisk is a powerful and elegant two-factor authentication code generator.

Asterisk is currently in the early stages of development.
Asterisk’s goal is to become an elegant, powerful, and reliable authenticator.
Although Asterisk may lack some features at this stage, it will not affect its stability. The necessary features of an authenticator will be added in future versions.
As an exchange, Asterisk will be offered at a lower price during this stage. Thank you for your support!

Asterisk is compatible with industry-standard methods used by most websites (TOTP and HOTP), and also provides support for Steam Guard. In addition to account compatibility, Asterisk supports importing accounts from Google Authenticator.

Asterisk is easy to use, allowing every user to get started effortlessly.

Asterisk works offline, respecting the privacy of each user and ensuring the security of each account.

Asterisk is designed with Material You and built with modern technology to seamlessly integrate with the Android system. Additionally, it allows customization of its appearance. Just say goodbye to those authenticators with outdated designs.

Asterisk does not include any unnecessary content and occupies minimal storage space. No need to tolerate the bloated size of other authenticators anymore.
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