ArcSoft Perfect365 Standard – Unlimited Giveaway

 ArcSoft Perfect365 Standard – Free Giveaway


ArcSoft Perfect365 Standard Key features:

  • One-Click Makes Perfect. Refine portrait photos with one click and get perfect results.Over 20 preset free style templates for you to choose from. More will always be added with updates!
  • Before/After Comparison. Click the “A/B” button on the top to compare the result with the original one; undo your last step if you are not satisfied.
  • Share with the World. Save your new look or share it directly onto Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.
  • Auto Multi-Face Detection.Automatically detect Up to 20 faces in a photo – touchup everyone individually . ArcSoft Perfect365 even detects slightly tilted heads or faces covered with sunglasses.For some special photos, press “adjust key points” button if portraits are not detected perfectly.
  • Adjust key facial points, as needed, for a more accurate result.
  • Adjust face points, as needed, for a more accurate result.

How to get the VPN Dialer 2012 for free ?
1. Go to the giveaway page.

2. Click Download Now.