JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns for Iphone. Set off on a movie adventure! Be the heroes, work together, defeat wild beasts …

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Liber Pro

Liber Pro for Iphone. Liber Pro takes the 1961 Liber Usualis, a book of over 2,300 pages of Gregorian Chant …

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Pepi Tree

Pepi Tree for Iphone. Pepi Tree is an educational game where children explore tree-dwelling animals and their habits in a …

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CHIMKY Trace Hebrew Alphabets

CHIMKY Trace Hebrew Alphabets for Iphone. CHIMKY trace Hebrew alphabets allow kids to learn to read and write Hebrew alphabets. …

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Veil for Iphone. Veil is a magical human-filtering video app. iPhone Giveaway of the Day