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Snooker Foul and a Miss

Rating: 0/5 This app helps you replace the balls in snooker after a foul and a miss in a professional way, avoiding the inaccurate visual memory. Place your smartphone or tablet in a fixed position and take a photo of the

Prism Live Wallpaper

Rating: 4.7/5 Beautiful Prism Live Wallpaper, perfect for AMOLED screens! Prism Live Wallpaper features:• Beautiful and smooth animation.• Fully customizable.• Compact size (~1Mb).• No in-app purchases.• No Ads. Some of the available customization:• Show or hide dots/lines/prisms.• Shange speed and amount.•

Superscript numeric keypad

Rating: 4.5/5 This is a soft keyboard which can input “superscript number” used to use for expressing square or cube, etc. in mathematical equations at one touch.⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁺⁻⁼⁽⁾ⁿPlease enter ordinary numbers and alphabets with other keyboards.Please be aware that it may not

Flip & Slide

Rating: 3.1/5 Flip & Slide is a Puzzle Game that requires some brain action to solve and Win each Level ! It’s Kind of a maze made with multiple different Objects called Slides. The main goal of Flip & Slide is

Cat in the Woods VIP

Rating: 5/5 [PLUS Edition+]– 50 Gems!– No Ads (Exclude reward ads) Protect the forest and the animal friends from the people! If you help Digi, the Leader Cat, you can guide and decorate the forest as you want! – You can

Store Guard

Rating: 0/5 The smart solution for admission controls in your store! 1. At the entrance to the store there is a smartphone / tablet with this app 2. Before entering the store, the customer checks by scanning a token whether the


Rating: 4.4/5 Anyone who knows how to play chess has almost certainly heard of Fritz. In its early years Fritz was small enough to install on your PC from a “”floppy disk” (something today’s youngest players have probably never even heard