Apowersoft PDF Compressor VIP 1.0.1

In daily work, we may need to send PDF documents via email or other chatting apps, however, some documents are too large to share or take a long time to send. In this case, Apowersoft PDF Compressor, an easy-to-use and efficient program, can help you compress PDF documents quickly. The program is simple but powerful that can reduce documents file size without losing quality, and you can choose clarity priority or file size priority to compress PDF according to your need. Four Steps to Compress Your PDF: 1. Open program. 2. Drop the PDF files or choose the files to input. 3. Choose “Clarity Priority”. Or you can choose “File Size Priority” if you want to reduce the file to a specific file size. 4. Click the “Compress” button and wait it to complete the process. Key Features of Apowersoft PDF Compressor: • Easy to use. • Clean with no ads in the program. • Process quickly. • Able to choose a specific compress level to compress the documents according to your need. • Compress multiple files one time with one click. • Reduce file size without losing its quality.
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