Alphabet – Educational Letter Bubble Activity Game

Alphabet – Educational Letter Bubble Activity Game for Iphone. Build ABC confidence with an awesome alphabet puzzle game. Helping kids learn letter sequencing with bright colors and fun! Ellie is learning her alphabet, so I designed this game to help her recognize the letters and their order from A to Z. FEATURES: ● Vibrant, Visually Stimulating Colors; ● Alphabet Letter Sounds; ● Pop Vibration (iPhone); ● Smooth Animations; ● Helpful Hinting; ● Game Timer; ● iOS8 and Retina Display Support; ● No Ads! Perfect for infants and toddlers! SETTINGS: ● Remove Dot Border; ● Remove Dot Sound; ● Disable Hinting; ● Alter Letter Case; ● Alter Difficulty; ● Reset High Score; ● Enable Dot Vibration (iPhone). HOW TO PLAY: Alphabet shows the alphabet in random order. Tap the letters from A to Z. ABOUT: Ellie’s Games combines vivid colors and simple game functions to help your child grow while having fun. Ellie’s Games are all bright, vivid color based games that help expand a child’s growing mind. Simple themes and friendly interface make all of Ellies Games simple and fun for children of all ages.
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