Ajaw – Calendario Maya

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The Great Mayan Civilization built one of the most precise and exact calendrical systems in the world.

Ajaw – Mayan Cholq’ij Calendar.

Also known as the Sacred Calendar, Tzolkin, Lunar or The count of the days.
It has 260 days, divided into 13 periods of 20 energies each that are repeated cyclically.
It contains knowledge and wisdom of the Mayan Civilization, a legacy that has been maintained from generation to generation through oral tradition and documentary references.

The energy of each of the days of the Sacred Calendar helps us to live in harmony and balance with all the elements of nature and the universe, because from the Mayan Cosmovision, everything that surrounds us has life.

Most of the Mayan languages ​​of Guatemala use the name of the days that appear in this calendar.
The iconography of the glyphs of each day are a reference to those used in the Mayan codices, their shape represents the grains of corn.
Each of the days has a synthesis, description of the respective meaning.
Each day has its own energy, conducive to carrying out different activities in individual and collective life.
The first illustration shows an animal, which according to the Mayan worldview, are symbols that represent and link each person with nature.
The second illustration shows elements associated with the meaning of the days.

People born on a given day already bring information about the energy of their engendering, their destiny and the energies that give them strength to overcome challenges.

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