Air Screener

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The Air Screener is a mathematical model based on the Gaussian distribution and analytical techniques. The model is compatible to identify the “worst-case” operating scenario of point source pollutant and to indicate a maximum ground-level concentrations of the operating scenario.
The App can be used to determine the appropriate location, stack height and emission parameters of single source for planning and design stage of a new project development.

• Input data preparation is easy and simple
• Simulate single point source and simple terrain
• Plot model results on XY graphics
• Export model input and output results to PDF file
• Save input data in scenario file

Model Input
• Emission Rate [g/s]
• Stack Height [m]
• Stack Diameter [m]
• Stack Gas Velocity [m/s]
• Stack Gas Tem [K]
• Ambient Air Tem [K]
• Wind Speed [m/s]

• New Start new scenario
• Open Load a scenario file
• Save Keep scenario into file
• Del Remove saved data
• Run Start model simulation
• PDF Export results into PDF format
• Graph 1 Plot concentrations along downwind
• Graph 2 Plot crosswind concentration profiles
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