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Published on November 5, 2013

You need not be an expert to know that Micrsoft Word is the most popular document editor on this planet. Most of documents whether it is home or office are done in Microsoft Word. But there is quite a chance that it may be corrupted due to a no. of reasons. It can be a hard drive issue, Microsoft Word issue etc. Here come DataNumen Word Repair with help. You can now very easily repair Word files made by different version of Micrsoft Word. DataNumen Word Repair supports  Word 2013 to Word 6.0.

DataNumen Word Repair

How to get a free license key of DataNumen Word Repair ?

1. Go to Giveaway Page.

2. Click on Get it for Free button.

3. You will now be asked to like Facebook pages of both DataNumen and Bitsdujour.

4. If you do not want a Facebook like, you can use a 11 question survey listed in same page.

5. You can now get free license key and set up for Data Numen Word Repair.

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